Unconditional Surrender

Lucius Mcelroy

“Unconditional surrender” Not a thing has changed, you will always be what you are. My heart forever in your hands, ­ regardless of length of time, and no matter how far. The battle we waged was bitter, ­ and egregious is the cost. But when the casualties were counted, ­ not a single truth had been lost. It is now the sole Victor, by destruction laid bear. And the hard-earned spoils, that with you,. ­ I now wish to share. I can never forgive you, Nor ever do what you have done. ­ ­ Guilt cannot forgive the guilty, ­ and without Ur temperance, we’d have never achieved what we won. ­ We always imagined our bond a gift,. ­ Something singularly divine. But it was facing the darkest illusions, ­ that left only the truth, to so brightly shine. We both were wrong. only ego veiled this fact. causing your heart to flee,. as mine sought to retract. True the hammer struck the nail, ­ but the nail struck back,. just as hard. ­ Yet neither one able to burn the hand, ­ we both fought to discard. One of us guilty of running, the other one equally for the Pursuit. Just necessary evil, exactly like Eve offering adam the forbidden fruit. ­ I too fear this knowledge. But I refuse any more this mask. ­ even if I’m to stand alone, I now know I have the strength to balance the task. Never again will I attempt to deny, ­ ­ the truth of Who we Are! I will always be your sun , and you my eternal shining star. There’s no one I will bow to, not even for yours or my sake. The truth is all I have to offer. and no less am I willing to take! ­ ­ So, not by my will, but by unified will returning to one. I pray What Spirit manifest, may never be undone…Thank you Baby Doll….. never ever ever choose to let go or turn your back on your love. That is not Unconditional by definition. Rather always strive to keep a passion for seeking knowledge… And you will obtain the wisdom of God… if my theories are correct this message should resonate with everyone. And also should not be subjective to any outside factors except spirit and Free Will, which just so happened to be one and the same…

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